What to expect?

Our service starts on Sundays at 1030am.

Our services are lively and energetic, not dull or boring.

Services usually last approximately 75 minutes.

What to wear?

Feel free to wear whatever you'd like. Our dress code is casual.

When do I get there?

Services start at 1030am, but we encourage you to get here a few minutes early if possible. Doing so allows you to grab a cup of coffee in our Connections Center, meet some new friends, and check in your children at the Celebrate Kids Check-In Kiosk. 

What about my Kids?

Celebrate Kids is a fun and exciting ministry for your children! We provide ministry from 0 years-5th grade. 

Our Celebrate Kids Check-In Kiosk is easy to use. It helps us keep your children safe and protected. 

This is where you enter your basic information and then 2 stickers will print out. 

One sticker goes on your child, and the other sticker is for you to keep so that it can be matched to your child when you pick them up after service.